In 1859, on the main square of a small town began a long love for coffee

In 1859 Luigi Goppion was a young man who dreamed of going far. Perhaps Lughignano, the tiny town on the banks of the Sile River where he was born, held him back or, more simply, he had the itch to do something great on his own. One day that something became clear: in his minds eye he could see roasted, perfumed coffee beans. And he saw his town wake up to that intense aroma. So on the main square he opened a cafe, that was also a post office and a greengrocer, and started to toast coffee bean in an iron pan over the flames in his fireplace. This location, which quickly became the heart of the town, that Luigi was joined by his son Pietro and a little later, his grandsons Angelo, Giuseppe, Luigi, Giovanni, Olivo and Ottorino. The cafe added a shop-laboratory and with the explosion of the Second World War, Angelo and Giovanni were sent to Ethiopia, bringing with them the initiative passed down by their grandfather.

Primi del '900. Luigi Goppion.

In this land so far from the small town near Trevisio, began their passion for coffee and the continuous search for the best quality. Once back in  Treviso, in 1948 they bought the Torrefazione Trevigiana Caffè, and immediatly added “Fratelli Goppion” to the name. In the same period, Ottorino and  Olivo left for Venezuela and in Caracas the founded a small coffee roasting company, “Cafè San Antonio – Hermanos Goppion”.

Twenty years later, the “Fratteli Goppion Industria del Caffè” sign represents the history and vocation of three generations, as well as the now familiar red “G”, designed in 1965 by Umberto Facchini, architect. It is a simple, genuine sign. It recalls the roots and history of the company. Yet it is also the modern brand of a company solidly positioned to address future challenges

The new plant on the Strada del Terraglio, the Napoleon Road that connects Treviso to Venice, already active with one of the first vacuum packaing lines in Italy, was inaugurated in 1968. Since 1983, Goppion Caffè is an incorporated company under family management. At the turn of the century, the fifth generation took up the reins. The concept guiding and animating the day-to-day remains the same as Luigi’s: ambition, work, yet application of common sense, for good production. the Goppion Family and its coffee continue to follow this virtuous path. As intense as the flavor of a cup of hot steaming coffee on the palate.

September 2012: Paola, Sergio, Silvia and Mario Goppion.