coffee roasting


The uniformity of a lot is an important to making blends with prized aromatic characteristics. For years we have sourced coffee from the same plantations, importing and re-selecting it at port upon arrival.

After the selection process, controls are performed in the company: visual inspection, fragrance and taste tests. Each type of coffee, what ever its origin, must meet the characteristics of its grade classification. The predominant characteristic must be defined and evaluated for possible aromatic blends. This leads to blends with balanced flavors.

Tasting requires knowledge of the ideal characteristics of each individual coffee and of its possible resonance in the blends it is used in. This skill is acquired slowly through continual first-hand on-the-job experience. Mixing and dosing different coffee beans, the coffee roaster prepares the blends. The nuances of the perfumes and aromas are infinite: fruity, flowery, spicy, chocolaty, and cocoa aftertastes multiply on the trained palate that must interpret them.

Our mission is to combine the best coffees in the world to produce excellent blends. Behind the senses that are illuminated by the flavor of a good cup of coffee are the ideas, selections, and people that, together, create new ideas. This is how, with a simple gesture, Goppion communicates the culture of knowledge, creating social awareness, and increasing social growth. As a family.

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