Simonelli Oscar II espresso machine


Oscar II is the best value in a semi-commercial home or office machine available in 3 colours with a stainless steel body. The full-motion, multi-jet steam wand easily locks for continuous steam or pulses for instant cleaning, and incorporates Simonelli’s professional and sought-after “latte art” tip.

Oscar’s pressure-regulated pump – combined with the unique Simonelli thermo-compensated brew group – delivers water to the ergonomic brass portafilter with stable and consistent pressure and temperature for rich and creamy espresso.  Single and double shot times are programmable.


  • Heat exchange (HX) system allows you to brew espresso and SIMULTANEOUSLY steam milk for fast cappuccino or lattes
  • Giant 2-litre 1300 watt copper & brass boiler for powerful, virtually endless steam pressure
  • Multi-jet steam wand with coveted "latte art" tip for fast micro-foamed milk
  • Brew espresso manually or program the single & double shot buttons by time for increased efficiency
  • 58mm ergonomic commercial brass portafilter and brass group for rich, hot espresso
  • 3-way solenoid valve system instantly releases pressure from group for dry coffee pucks and fast re-use
  • Large 3 litre water reservoir with run-dry protection fills or removes from the top and shuts down machine when empty
  • Self-priming boiler auto-fills so it’s always ready to use and will not run dry if left on longer
  • Steam valve has multi-position controller: press gently upwards for purging or lock it for continuous steaming