Simonelli Grinta espresso grinder


Grinta comes in a choice of 2 finishes.  Its doser-less design allows you to grind coffee directly into your portafilter, minimizing the amount of coffee grounds left-over between shots.  It also has a powerful motor, large 50mm burrs, a large range of step grind adjustments to dial in that perfect grind, and a large hopper.


  • Grinds fresh coffee for every shot, directly into portafilter for fast dosing
  • Pressing portafilter against micro-switch activates the grind-on-demand feature
  • Fine grind adjustment means accurate grind settings
  • Bean hopper is one of the largest (1/2 kg) and seals tight to keep beans fresher
  • Industrial-grade, “prosumer” grinder runs faster (about 7 seconds for a single) & quieter and lasts many years longer than most home grinders
  • Powerful 225 watt regulated motor with a capacitor (starter) instantly generates strong and stable power, lasting longer and preventing break downs if the grinder jams
  • High horsepower / high torque motor and large carbon-steel burrs allows for faster grinding at lower RPMs, and less static or damage to coffee oils
  • One grinding burr is attached directly to the motor so there are no gears or belts to strip