Simonelli G60 espresso grinder


Nuova Simonelli G60 is a compact but fully commercial-grade on-demand grinder for home, office or light commercial use, available in a matte black finish.  Its programmable dose settings (for a single or double shot) are easily adjusted "on the fly" and the controller tracks all your usage (number of singles and doubles, as well as total continuous grinding time) like the odometer on a car.

G60’s doser-less design allows you to grind coffee directly into your portafilter in a near-perfect cone, reducing spillage and minimizing the amount of coffee grounds left-over between shots. A powerful commercial motor, large 60mm burrs, micrometric grind adjustments (to dial in that perfect grind), and commercial-style hopper complete the package.


  • Grinds fresh coffee for every shot, directly into portafilter for fast dosing
  • Amount of coffee is programmed for a single or double shot by time to 1/10 second, can be quickly changed on the fly, and with stop & go feature
  • Hands-free operation - portafilter sits in a rest, and the grind-on-demand feature dispenses grounds neatly into the centre
  • Micrometric grind adjustment means infinite and accurate grind settings
  • Bean hopper is compact & removable for cleaning coffee oils, and has a closer so it can be removed with beans inside
  • Industrial-grade, commercial grinder runs faster (about 4 seconds for a single) and lasts many years longer than most home grinders
  • Powerful 450 watt regulated motor with a capacitor (starter) instantly generates strong and stable power, lasting longer and preventing break downs if the grinder jams
  • High horsepower / high torque motor and large carbon-steel burrs allows for faster grinding at lowest RPMs, and less static or damage to coffee oils
  • One grinding burr is attached directly to the motor so there are no gears or belts to strip